Become the brand customers think of first and feel the best about.

More customers call you.
More customers visit your website.
More customers walk throughout your store.

The results? You grow faster. We grow small businesses into big businesses. Our clients make more money… enjoy their businesses… enjoy their lives. (Our fees are tied strictly to their growth, so we do nicely too.)

Are you ready to grow your business?

It takes mountains of money and years of experiments to discover what will and won’t work. Don’t spend your own mountains and years.

Wizard of Ads? Funny Name!

Roy H. Williams was nicknamed ‘Wizard of Ads’ by an early client. This was due to the amazing growth generated by the customer communication strategy he designed and helped implement.

Founded by Roy & Pennie Williams in 1987, the Wizard of Ads Marketing Group is a collection of research, teaching and consulting firms. Our purpose is to help small business owners achieve business growth not just by percentages, but by multiples!

Best Selling Author Roy’s first business book The Wizard of Ads, ‘Turning Words Into Magic and Dreamers Into Millionaires’ was voted Business Book of the Year in 1998.

His second book, Secret Formulas of the Wizard of Ads, was named the Wall Street Journal’s number one Business Book in America in 1999 and became a New York Times bestseller.

The third book in the trilogy, Magical Worlds of the Wizard of Ads reached bestseller status in late 2001.

You Can’t Buy Your Way In

To become a Partner in the Wizard Of Ads Marketing Group you must bring value to the group. The entry fee is knowledge, experience, and innovative thinking, not money. It can take years to be accepted into the group. But well worth the wait.

Tied to Your Growth

We only make more money if we help grow your business. We work on a flat monthly fee that is adjusted annually in line with the growth of your business. Marketing and advertising agencies make more money by booking more media and producing more ads.

No Commissions / Kickbacks

We do not accept commissions or kickbacks from media providers, graphic designers or other third party service providers. Any discounts we negotiate, we pass back to you. Marketing and advertising agencies pocket the 10% (or more) commission on media and other services they book for you.

No Employees

We only have Partners. You only ever deal with the people who make decisions.

No Competing Businesses

We only accept one business per category per market. We plan on helping you take market share from your competitors. We want you to be the MARKET LEADER. We can’t do that if we also work with one of your competitors.Marketing and advertising agencies make more money by accepting as many clients as they can.

No Hourly Billing

We do not bill by the hour. Marketing and advertising agencies often work by the clock. Meaning you are billed for all sorts of bits and pieces, including phone calls and edits.

Don’t Sell Advertising

We plan media strategies for clients. We don’t sell advertising space. We consider that a conflict of interest.